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The Southern States Llama Association is a strong organization of llama and alpaca owners who have joined together for the purpose of education, fun, and fellowship while promoting the health and welfare of lamas and the lama industry.


SSLA puts together a quarterly publications.  It’s a great opportunity to share information and stories, plus advertise  your farm and services.   So keep everyone informed, encourage veterinarians to send in articles and updates and let’s work together to make this a great resource for our membership!

Charlene works hard being the editor of the publication, but she needs everyone to donate material to make it beneficial.  So here are the dates to keep in mind.

Deadline dates are the dates she needs to have your material in her hands.  She would prefer to receive everything prior to that date. 

April 15 -- Deadline                              April 20 -- Publish

July 15  -- Deadline                              July 20  -- Publish

October 15--Deadline                October 20 -- Publish

December 15 -- Deadline           December 20 – Publish

Please email materials directly to Charlene at turtlrun@earthlink.net

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What Is Happening NOW


SSLA sponsors events to provide exceptional forums for promoting individual farms and animals; educating the public; stimulating new interest in llamas and potential new buyers; providing an opportunity to compete and compare; demonstrating the many things we can do with llamas.

Local and regional shows


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Awards & Trophies


Furthermore, SSLA provides

  • “Judges Choice” Halter & "Best of Show" Performance trophies for SSLA  sponsored or supported shows.
  • Sweepstakes for recognition of lama conformation and performance show accumulation over a year's effort
  • Ambassador Awards in recognition of participation in public relation events
  • Trekking awards for mileage hiked and number of hikes.

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  • Llama Journal published Quarterly
  • Discover Llama magazine published for interested or new owners,
  •  Committees working to expand  resource availability in the areas of 4-H and youth, cart driving, fiber, packing and public awareness
  • A library of educational books, DVDs, and video tapes
  • Access to microchip and scanner for permanent identification of animals

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Networking Contacts


  •  A membership directory providing member information, farm and herd sire advertising, information HOTLINE, state by state listing of veterinarians who treat llamas and alpacas.  
  • Annual conferences offering ample opportunities for learning, networking, and fun.
  • Sponsorship of educational clinics, workshops and health days. Expertise and resources for initiating positive changes in local legislation that impacts llama owners.

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Need More Info?


Our Board of Directors are ready to  receive your email.  Each has a specialty area.  Please contact whomever is best for your question or comment.

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2019 ReNewal - or New Jump In and Join Now

Membership options include:

Annual Farm membership $45

Lifetime membership $500

Veterinary Gift membership $15

Special Youth membership $10

PLEASE NOTE: There are two forms of paying your Dues,  send a check with the membership form attached or Paypal.    PLEASE IF YOU USE PAYPAL YOU MUST STILL FILL OUT THE FORM AND MAIL TO Lauri Jones OTHERWISE YOU WILL NOT BE IN THE MEMBERSHIP DIRECTORY FOR 2019THANK YOU! 

Attached you will find the Form that will need to be filled out in order to process your membership.  If you choose to fill out the form, please, please print the form out clearly so that we can properly input your information correctly.   Also note that the Form can be filled on line and emailed back or can be printed once filled out.   The Directions are follows:


  1. Please click on the line where you would like to type in your information
  2. Continue until the form is completely filled out
  3. Click File (upper left hand corner)
  4. Click Print


  1. Please Click on the Line where you would like to type in your information
  2. Continue until the form is completely filled out
  3. Click File
  4. Click Save As
  5. Name your file
  6. Open your email and address it to laurijones55@gmail.com
  7. Click on Attachment
  8. Select the file you named
  9. Then complete your email and click send. 

  • Pay by mailing a check made out to SSLA or pay now with Paypal. 

SSLA Membership Form 2019 (pdf)


New or Renewing Members Welcome Aboard


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Mail your membership form to

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